Comfort Meets Care

Hear what patients, their families and the hospital staff are saying about the impact of our custom ZipShirts™

Here is what the hospitals are saying:

Do you think we could get another assortment of the shirts?

Our kids have absolutely loved them.

The staff love the shirts. Love!

We would like to request more of the teen sizes. Our teens appreciate them as it gives some privacy.

Also again I really want to say how wonderful your company is and how much I appreciate you all. Modesty and privacy are so important to our female teenage patients so being able to not have to take their whole shirt off is such a relief. Your shirts are SO helpful for so many reasons! Thank you for all that you do!!

I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for our Zip with Us shirts. They have already made a difference for our patients. I just received an email from a patient’s mother saying how much they appreciated their shirt.

Oh my goodness can you believe it....the shirts have arrived!!!! They are amazing thank you so much. I can't wait to start sharing them with the patients.
I have forwarded a photo and happy for you to share on social media. I shared on twitter yesterday.

These are amazing! Thank you so much for thinking of us. We are really excited to collaborate and share these with our patients!

We received the zip shirts this week and they are awesome!!! We have a patient coming today for chemo and looking forward to giving her one!!

Thank you so much

We truly appreciate you!

Just wanted to let you know that my little friend Alaina LOVED her new shirts. She came in yesterday and had sparkly purple nail polish on… safe to say the purple sequin shirt was a HIT! I appreciate everything you do and cant thank you enough. Crazy what a zipper can do to change a day for our patients <3

The port shirts have been a hit with our families! The diagonal zipper for the g tube access has been working just fine too. I wanted to ask if you all would be able to send us a few bigger sizes in the multi access shirts. Size 6-10 for boys and girls would be awesome!

Oh how easy that is. We appreciate EASY so very much. The families certainly appreciate this . Our child life team gives them one for the use while in clinic or inpatient and then asks them to wear it next time and so so many kids do. But since we see over 550 new kids a year – we go through a good amount

I just received our shipment of ZipShirts. Thank you so so much! It was so fun to look through the different shirts and prints. We are so grateful for your partnership and generosity to our patients going through cancer treatment. I am excited to start passing these out to our kids with ports. It is great timing because we have several patients transitioning to the port! It will be a great way to help them with coping and control.

Thanks so much for the Zipshirts! They have been a hit and have been amazing for privacy for our young adult patients.

Children’s Cincinnati

Here is what patients and their families are saying:

I received the port shirts and they are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for adding the sweatshirt as well! Dominic was so excited and said he wants to wear the Spider-Man one for his next appointment. Cannot thank you enough for helping make this situation better for him!

Thanks again for that ninja zip shirt--it worked so well during R’s chemo visit, and the long sleeves are great for going into cooler weather (and really, hospitals at any time of year)! Yet another example of wonderful things that help along the process of fighting and recovering from cancer.  

Kenzie loved it! Wore it to the hospital today and it worked great! Thank you so much!

Thank you for doing this!! Greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much! Natalie absolutely LOVED her shirt!! It is perfect!

This is our third order-they are amazing!!

Thank you! I'll definitely be ordering more. They really do make all the difference. Our guy doesn't like to be topless in front of others so they have made him so much more comfortable!

Penelope loves it!

Maddie is loving her port shirt. What a special organization, thank you.

We received this shirt yesterday. Thank you so much! We are so grateful!

Thank you so much for her shirts! This is such an unfortunate tie and the shirts gave her something to smile for.

He loves his shirt and so do I!

Thank you for her shirt!

She loved it, thank you!

Thank you for your creation-it's been a savior-my 7 year old loves it!

Niko has been in treatment a year and never has accessing him been so "easy"

This was the most calm he has EVER been while being accessed, and it made the whole experience 1930521572 times better for everyone involved.

I can't thank you enough!!!

Thank you, love the shirt!

My daughter received her shirt today and loves it! Thank you so much! It's hard to find adaptive shirts for chemo ports, so I was relieved to find you.

Thank you so much. I've been feeling so down lately because of all that's going on but your shirt made me smile.

Read about the impact of Drew's Cruisers™:

As a nurse and foster parent, I have received phone calls from fellow foster parents who have accepted placement of children who have unfortunately been impacted by cancer (or other illnesses), requiring central lines. One of the most challenging aspects of the child’s care is finding appropriate clothing that is comfortable, safe, suitable, and convenient for the child’s needs. When asked for advice, I immediately think of Drew’s Cruisers and the genius concept that was designed to help children while going through treatment. Drew’s Cruisers is a brilliant solution to help children with central lines (and I believe Drew’s Cruisers could be helpful for children with G-tubes/Mikey tubes, as well). These custom onesies offer a much more comfortable and safer option, reducing risk of infection and helping eliminate the risk of displacement. I can’t praise the Slocum family enough for all the thought and time they’ve poured into this initiative! 
My experience with Drew’s Cruisers is primarily from a pediatric oncology nurse’s POV. These precious, wonderful adapted onesies proved to be invaluable and incredibly functional for patients/parents and nurses alike. Drew’s Cruisers allowed the patient’s IV tubing to be away from a baby or toddler’s busy hands, thus lessening the chance of a central line infection. They helped make patient care easier. The design allowed for easier lab draws, which is so helpful for these babies. I loved and appreciated that Drew’s Cruisers made patient’s more comfortable and (as a bonus) made a nurse’s care easier and more efficient. Thank you, Mandy, for creating Drew’s Cruisers. You blessed precious Drew, and countless others undergoing treatment.