What if I need more than one ZipShirt™? 

We offer one free ZipShirt™ per patient and sell additional ZipShirts™ in our online store for $15. If you need more than one but purchasing is not an option, please email us atinfo@zipwithus.organd we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What if I want to order a ZipShirt™ but the port has not been placed yet? 

We ask that you wait until the port is placed before ordering your ZWU ZipShirt™. Each ZipShirt™ is custom made both in design and medical access locations to suit each patient specifically. When orders are placed for both right and left zippers it doubles the production cost and time on our end. If you urgently need the ZipShirt™ for any reason, please email info@zipwithus.org and we will work with you to get you or your loved one what you/they need to feel comfortable at treatment.  

Can I order a ZipShirt™ on behalf of someone else? 

Yes. Please make sure the shipping address is correct and uses a name of a household resident who can receive mail. Sometimes when you use a child’s name for shipping, the mail carrier sends the package back.  

How can I sponsor ZipShirts™ for a specific hospital? 

Please visit the “How To Help?” tab on our website or email info@zipwithus.org to get more information on how to sponsor ZipShirts™ for a specific hospital. We truly appreciate your support! 

What do I do if my child has multiple ports, or other medical access points such as gtubes, picc lines, ntubes, etc…? 

When ordering your free ZipShirt™ on our website, you will see the option “other” in the drop down box when choosing port location(s). You will see instructions on the order form for this circumstance asking you to choose “other” and then detail the specific medical access accommodations in the message area. You can also take a picture of a shirt, use your editing capabilities in your smartphone to draw simple lines to represent zippers and email us a picture to info@zipwithus.org. Please note all images received will be as if the patient was wearing the shirt, so port right is on the patient’s right side of their own chest. 

How can I get involved with Zip With Us®? 

Please visit the “How To Help” tab on our website for the many ways you can be involved with Zip With Us®. From hosting a Shirt Drive to fundraising, we are enormously grateful for your support. We cannot do this without you! 

Do kids, their families or the hospitals get charged for ZipShirts™? 

No. Pediatric hospitals receive free ZipShirts to distribute to their patients. If Zip With Us® does not yet service your hospital, please email info@zipwithus.org with the name, address, contact person and their information (email and phone number) and we will do our best to line up direct service to them as quickly as we can. Individual patient orders through our website are also free, including one custom ZipShirt™ per patient & free shipping! If you need extras, we do sell them in our online store for $15.  

Do you ship outside the US? 

While we do ship all over the world, we ask that instead of placing an individual order for your child, you instead supply us with the email, phone number, address and person to contact to establish direct service for your child’s pediatric hospital. This not only allows Zip With Us® to get your child a free ZipShirt™, but to also provide our services to many other families by using our resources in the absolute best way possible. We often find that word of mouth from one family to the next results in multiples of 10 individual orders, vs our organization shipping 1-2 large boxes directly to the hospital. If you need a ZipShirt™ for your child but cannot wait for the hospital set up/shipping, please fill out the form with all the information including the hospital contact details and we will work to get you what you need for your child in a timely manner. 

Can we donate used ZipShirts™ to you?

Not at this time but we appreciate the very kind gesture.

How can my hospital receive direct service of ZipShirts™?

Your hospital can fill out the form on our website, email us or you can send us the contact information of the person in charge of oncology donations and we will be in contact as quickly as we can.

What do I do if I accidentally ordered the wrong size or port side for our ZipShirt™?

It happens. We kindly ask that while we prepare and ship you the new ZipShirt™, you mail the unused shirt back to us or you can donate it to your oncology floor.

I have lots of items to donate like zippers, new shirts and other items you might find useful. Do you accept these?

Thanks for thinking of us! Please emailinfo@zipwithus.orgwith a description & quantities of your items along with your contact information and someone will get back to you regarding your inquiry.

Can I buy new shirts or onesies and donate them to your organization to be transformed into ZipShirts™?

Yes! We accept and love your donations, whether monetary or in kind. You will find all the information on how and where to donate the shirts and the types of shirts most requested by patients if you look on the website under "How ToHelp" and then "Host A Shirt Drive".  Thank you for your generosity and support!

Can my new shirt or onesie donations go to a specific hospital?

We absolutely try our best to make these types of requests happen, however, sometimes we're fulfilling hundreds of orders at a time and our logistics and production team must use practicality in order to best serve our patients and hospitals. Usually, we are able to make it happen. Please email info@zipwithus.org with your request. Thank you!

How can my organization or how can I personally sponsor a specific amount of ZipShirts™ or Drew's Cruisers™ onesies to a specific hospital?

Please visit our "How ToHelp" section & review our sponsorship opportunities. You can also email info@zipwithus.org with your request and we will get back to you regarding your inquiry.

How can we become a Zip With Us stockist?

We are honored! Please visit our "How To Help" section which outlines your inquiry. You can also email us at info@zipwithus.org . Thanks for your support!

Are you hiring?

Please visit the jobs section at the footer of our website, which is where all our job openings will be posted. You can email your cover letter resume anytime to info@zipwithus.org. We love a great personal story as to why Zip With Us® would be a great fit for you!