Drew's Cruisers™

Adapted Onesies Designed To Function Seamlessly With Your Baby's Central Lines & Other Medical Devices.

Enhancing Comfort, Function & Safety For Your Baby's Journey To Health

Our Drew's Cruiser™ adapted onesie design is one of a kind.

Allowing a baby to remain comfortable in a familiar, soft onesie, Drew's Cruisers™ provide maximum function for babies with central lines & other medical devices. Integrated side snaps and an ingenious velcro back pocket allow central line tubes to feed through and hide, tucked safely away & out of reach from busy hands, soiled diapers, and teething mouths.

Unlike traditional onesies, caregivers and parents can change babies wearing Drew's Cruisers™ while they're hooked up to medication on an IV pole, without having to disconnect from medicines or fluids.

Originally created by Mandy, Drew's mom, to protect Drew during treatments with central lines, Drew's Cruisers™ were designed to keep babies comfortable, help prevent delays in treatments, lower the risk of line infections & offer easier overall functionality for medical staff and care givers alike.